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Hello! I’m Myrelle

They say that you never end up in the same career as your major. After majoring in Fashion design, I ended up in Graphic design. I'm not sure if they are right or half right based on this.

At my first job after college, I found myself working for a home decor company, where I was adding graphics to products. It was thrilling seeing my designs go out into the world because I felt as though people were gaining joy from my creations.

I left that job, went back to school, and have had other design jobs since. While my work designing has been creative, I continually found that I had energy left over at the end of the day that I wanted to use to do something brave and bold. That's when I decided to start this website.

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I write dedicated review articles for products, restaurants, accommodation, events and experiences, with high quality imagery and keeping SEO in mind too.

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Work with me on a sponsored blog or Instagram post on a relevant topic to help get your brand more exposure to my audience. Or consider a brand ambassadorship together!

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I offer custom advertising space to brands I love and are relevant on a select number of my best performing articles.

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